5 Best Apps to Run Multiple Accounts (Clone Any Android Apps)


Do you want to run same apps multiple times in single android device? Well, Now your searching ends here. Today I came with another list in which I will show you best apps to clone android apk. So if you want to run multiple messaging accounts on your android mobile then try multi accounts app. These apps will help you in managing multiple online accounts without changing device. You may also like to know which file sharing app is best for Android to send clone app or any file to your friend.

As we use double sim in one mobile as the same now we can use double or multiple same apps in single smartphone. We all know, Many social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Clash of Clan etc are not available for multiple user in one device. Don’t worry, below apps are able to provide two accounts in your mobile.

Best Apps to Clone Android Apps

Cloning app the the best way to run multiple accounts in the same device. Now lets try below apps to run multiple account in same smartphone. And then you not need to login and logout every time. Only you have to switch multi account app and enjoy the same app without sign out.

Parallel Space is one of the famous cloning app in the internet. This app enables you to play multiple accounts of the same apps at a time. The parallel app will clone the same app in the different environment. Parallel space is very best performing app to clone any android app. After installing parallel space you will see Plus sign where you are allowed to select the app that you want to use double app. And also if your Android app got update then it will automatically update cloned app.

  • Log in to many accounts of Social messaging apps or Android games at a time.
  • Protect our privacy by making apps invisible (Incognito mode)
  • Easy to switch from one account to another account.

Go multiple app allow you to run multiple accounts simultaneously and ultra-fast switch online. So if you have more than two accounts in any apps or games and you don’t want to Log in/out then you must try Go Multiple parallel apps. It’s best alternative to Parallel App.

  • Run double messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Play double games with different account.
  • Having fast SWI (Switch between Interface)
  • Gives high privacy and security

Multiple accounts is the best alternative to Parallel space and Go Parallel app. This app is developed by Excellence Technology. Now let’s try to do single app into double app on android mobile. 2 Accounts app enables you to cone app and use multiple accounts with different storage.

  • Run double Game accounts in single mobile
  • Use two apps with different user id
  • Lock the apps (Pro feature)

Meet another multiple account app to run double WhatsApp account or any other app or games you want to clone. 2 Face app is made by CleanMaster. By using this app, there will no require to log in again and again. Hence you can use two accounts of android apps or games on the same device.

  • Easy to go from one account to another account
  • Get separate notifications from both accounts.
  • Save data in Separate folder of both app/game

Before using this parallel multi accounts you should confirm that your device is rooted, Otherwise, this app will not work but you can use all apps cloner app without rooting device. Well, Try Best Rooting Apps to root your android device. Well, Lets know something about Multi Accounts app. As we know almost every android mobile is having 2 Sim & we know very well that we can’t operate 2 WhatsApp on the same mobile. Wait.! It is possible to run 2 WhatsApp in single device without using gbwhatsapp. Let’s try Multi Accounts cloner app


Finally, i want to tell you that currently, I am using Parallel Space in My Device. I have tested many multi-account app & I got five apps, are best for you. But it does not end, Please let us know which one is best multiple accounts manager for you? And also If you got this something helpful then you should share with your friends.


Top 5 Sites to Download YouTube Video (Downloader Online)

Hey, Do you know how to download videos from YouTube? Well, In this article I will share best online sites from you can easily download YouTube videos for free. You can also use YouTube Video Downloader Apps to download videos from the smartphone. But Every people have not a smartphone to install YouTube Downloader. So I thought why not tell you that you can easily download YouTube videos without any Software or Application. And the main thing is, These online youtube downloader sites can be accessed through the Web browser (PC/Mac/Android/iPhone).

Do you know? YouTube is most popular video sharing site on the internet. It allows people to upload videos and make it public to show their talent. Here you can find any type of videos like Funny VideosEducational Tutorial, Short clip, Movies and much more. Many people want to download their favorite video and share with friends. But YouTube doesn’t allow to download YouTube Videos. So you need third party tool to take YouTube videos offline.

Note: We are not affiliated or endorsed by YouTube downloader online or Official YouTube. Also, I want to include that you are not allowed to re-upload or downloading YouTube videos. This post is only for the educational purpose to tell you how you can download YouTube videos online.

Best Youtube Downloader Online

Below are best online sites to download YouTube videos. I have used below YouTube downloader online on my PC/Smartphone browser and works smartly. You should know that I have already mentioned these YouTube downloader sites in the list of online video downloader to download videos from any video sites. So, Let’s try YouTube downloader online and download YouTube videos from your browser.

This is amazing YouTube video downloader on the internet. Not only YouTube videos but also you can download any videos from many video sites. It’s really one of the best online YouTube downloaders to download videos from your mobile web browser or PC browser. It allows you to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo and much more. So let’s try the best free online video downloader.

Here Only you have to paste YouTube video URL into the input box and click on Download button. Then it will provide you video download link with Quality options. Select any of the video quality (720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, 144p) and also you can only download audio from YouTube video in mp3 & M4A format.

ClipConverter.cc is one of the best free YouTube downloaders online. You can say ClipConverter is the best alternative to Keepvid because it also gives permission to download from any video site. Here you have to do the same thing, Copy video URL and paste in “Video URL to Download” section and then select video Conversion Format (MP3, M4A, AAC, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV, MKV etc.).

You should know that ClipConverter allows you to download 4K YouTube video. But Keepvideo doesn’t provide it in Free. So I always suggest you download HD YouTube videos from ClipConverter that is free online media conversion and download.

VideoGrabber.net is another top rated Video downloader to grab online videos from YouTube, Vimeo, break & Dailymotion like 1000+ videos site for FREE. Here is also the same process of downloading YouTube videos. If you don’t have video address then don’t worry, Search your video in VideoGrabber and get download it when found.

Thanks to VideoGrabber, Because it shows lists of recently downloaded video and most popular video downloaded videos. It helps me to understand what is trending in these days.

SaveMedia.com, Its name contains everything about it. SaveMedia.com helps you to download & convert YouTube video link into MP4 & MP3 in HD resolution. It is totally free YouTube downloader to download YouTube videos for free without software. Not only this but also it gives direct link to download YouTube videos online without copying or pasting Video link. Only you have to replace YouTube with SaveMedia in the URL as https://youtube.com/watch?v=HUak23Xxx7 into https://savemedia.com/watch?v=HUak23Xxx7. Your Video will automatically start downloading.

We can’t forget SaveFrom.net if we are talking about free online YouTube Downloader. This YouTube downloader also can be used to download videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Veoh, Twitch, YouTube, Soundcloud, Ted etc. SaveFrom provides add-ons browser extensions to download YouTube media in one click.


So, I hope you got the answer of how to download youtube videos online? Now it’s your time to use YouTube video downloader and tell us which YouTube downloader is best and user-friendly for you. And also if you are using any other site for YouTube video downloading then let us know in the comment box. At last, Don’t forget to share online downloader list with your friends.

Top 5 Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android User

Cloud storage is defined as a secure way of remotely storing the important data. Online storage solutions are generally provided for using a large network of virtual servers. Certain tools are used to manage files and organizing virtual storage space. It can also be defined as technologies that give you permission to store files, and then access it through Cloud. There are three types of cloud-based storage architecture model it includes public, private and hybrid. Cloud storage is also known as utility storage.

It operates via a Web-based API i.e. remotely executed through the interface of client applications. Cloud storage can be helpful for Android apps it allows to upload and backup the contents of your Android to an online source. This can be further helpful to save space on phone or tablet. Online Android storage benefits are used to transfer data and to access information from different platforms. Have a look, Which is the best free/paid Cloud storage service on the internet.


Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Below are free cloud storage apps to backup and restore your android device data.

1Google Drive

Google Drive includes the cloud services and efficient platform for storage. In Google Drive, users can easily access the pictures, important files or documents, and videos. It is a secure place where files can be easily stored. One can use smartphone, tablet, or computer for online storage benefits. Google Drive provides 15GB free cloud storage for their user, which beneficial for those people who wants to store a large number of files in the same space. Google Drive can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. It is referred as the best cloud storage option. Like other cloud storage services, Drive has apps for iOS and Android for managing and viewing files from your phone.

Click here to download Google drive app

2Microsoft one drive

One can store any kind of file, including photos, video and other documents. Then it can be easily accessed by Windows PCs or mobile devices. If you are using Windows 8 and Window 10 then the Microsoft one drive is inbuilt into the operating system. The latest Android, iOS and Windows apps have an automatic photo up loader it means that photos will be uploaded automatically while you shoot them. And will be automatically saved to your account. The biggest strength of One Drive is it works closely with Microsoft Office apps, such as Word or PowerPoint.

Click here to download Microsoft one drive app


3Drop box

Drop box is recognized for clean design, and reliable to use cloud storage app. The files reside in the cloud can be used anytime from the Drop box’s website, desktop applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Or one can also use iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire mobile apps. Drop box provides an abundance of opportunities for its users to get extra storage while sign in. If having quick Getting Started tutorial, then one can get 250MB storage. To get 3GB of extra space the automatic photo upload needs to turn on in the mobile apps. One can edit and share important documents, and email attachments straight from a Drop box. And if someone loses the Android device, then also can achieve the personal data safe in a Drop box.
Click here to download Drop box app


It provides a control for the privacy of files. You can decide who can access your specific folders, files, and other documents. One benefit is that the user can set password protection or expiration dates for shared folders. Everyone can sign up for a free individual account onBox, but the services and privacy features are built specifically for business and IT users. The cloud storage setup is basically used to store a number of a file, sharing of files with colleagues, allocation of tasks, or leave comments on someone’s work, and can easily get the notifications when there will be any changes in a file. The storage app that can be used for sign up of personal accounts is 5GB of free storage.
Click here to download Box storage app

5Media Fire

Media Fire is a cloud storage company that allows the user and organization to collaborate effortlessly. They provide the service on multiple devices, such as desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This was launched in 2006 by Derek Labian and Tom Langridge. Media Fire currently boasts 43 million registered users and over 100 million active users every month. It also offers plans specially targeted for business users.

Click here to download Media File app


So, These are free cloud storage apps for your mobile to backup phone data and restore anytime anymobile. I hope you liked this best cloud storage apps list. If you are using any other storage app in your smartphone then let us know in comment section and also Share this list with your friends.

Top 5 Free Web hosting to host your own Domain FREE (No Ads)

In this digital world, there are endless numbers of opportunities to earn money by creating a website to represent your idea or business online. The reason why many people still do not have a website is the cost of hosting. They are probably not aware of the existence of free web hosting. The following are the top five free web hosting to host your WordPress blog or normal PHP site with MySql database. You should consider getting free domain hosting and take your idea or business to the next level.

You can utilize the hosting cost to promote your website online through search engines and social media. If you want to compare with the paid hosting sites, these free web hosting no ads sites offer exactly the same specifications with 99.9% uptime, advanced cPanel and limitless disk space and bandwidth. Most importantly, you can host as many websites as you want without any constraints. Choose the best one among the following free web hosting service providers and get started with your website to explore new opportunities to generate leads and drive web traffic and your sales figures exponentially.

Free Web Hosting Providers List

Below are best sitest to get website hosting without paying anything. I have already used these free web hosting. Previously, I had hosted my blogs on it. So I suggest new blogger use below free hosting providers. If you have limited traffic then it will be OK. but If you are getting a lot of traffic then you should consider to upgrade or buy web hosting from popular sites. Well, Let’s use below free web hosting to host your WordPress site and tell us your experience with these hosting.

InterServer – Unlimited Web Hosting (Paid)

Not Free! But it’s very cheap & fastest hosting provider. Currently, I am using Interserver shared hosting. I love it. Their support is Awesome. That’s why i always recommend my users to use Interserver. They provide unlimited storage & transfer. Price is fixed forever. Let’s start hosting @ 0.01$ for first month.

000webhost.com is considered to be the best platform for free domain hosting. 000webhost is also the most popular platform as its specifications for free website hosting are exactly the same as the paid hosting packages.

  • It offers 99.9% uptime guarantee, and you can check uptime anytime to get proofs of its claim.
  • It offers more than enough space(1 GB) to host your website, and the bandwidth is large enough(10 GB) to upload large files.
  • You will be able to host your custom-made database websites on PHP or other scripting languages and MySQL database.
  • There are one-click auto-installers for over 50 popular scripts, photo galleries, and forums.
  • It is a free web hosting no ads site with no hidden charges. You will not need credit card details to sign up.

000webhost should be your automatic first choice if you are new to the web world. They offer advanced free website builder for novices to create stunning websites. There are over 100 different quality templates to choose from and follow the simple steps to complete your website all by yourself.

If you are looking for free cloud hosting and that too without any investment, x10hosting.com is your ideal destination. It is a full-featured free website hosting platform with SSD servers for lightning fast speed. You can also get a free domain name to get started and put your website online within minutes. The following are some of the features you should watch out:

  • You will have complete control to host your customized website through advanced cPanel.
  • There is free website builder for novices with hundreds of templates and advanced tools.
  • The performance of the servers is superfast due to premium hardware.
  • There are one-click installers for over 300 popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, MyBB and likewise.

0fees.us/0fee.net is another free web hosting no ads site and has been operating for over a decade now. The following are the features you will get with 0fees free domain hosting.

  • 300 MB disk space, 10 GB of monthly transfer, PHP with MYSQL support.
  • You can have 5 subdomains and add-on domains, FTP account, file manager and script manager.
  • There are automatic script installers, and you can even host an e-commerce site easily with ZenCart and other popular frameworks.
  • The servers are failure–proof as the load is shared and the performance is highly effective.

5gbfree.com is a perfect free web hosting no ads platform to host your e-commerce website, WordPress blogs, or any website effortlessly.

  • You get hassle-free one-click installer for ZenCart, Drupal, WordPress and all the popular scripts.
  • You will get 5 GB of free space to host your website and 20 GB of bandwidth which is better than ooowebhost.com.
  • The data centers are in the US, and the servers are high-efficient and follow Cisco infrastructure.
  • They also provide a test drive cPanel for a demo before you get started by creating an account.

Freehostia.com is a relatively new name in free website hosting, but it is increasingly becoming popular due to its better free domain hosting offers.

  • It will let you host 5 domains, and it provides 250 MB of disk space which is enough for starters.
  • The bandwidth is 6 GB, and you will get 3 email accounts. Along with that, they offer 24/7 customer support.
  • You will get a backup feature, site statistics, subdomains, website accelerator, website manager for URL redirection, error detection, IP blocking, and much more.

If you want to host a personal website or you want to represent your small business online and offer services, this free web hosting platform is perfect.


All the above free web hosting providers are used by me. That’s why i recommend you. If you are not satisfied with above free hosting then don’t worry because here is another free domain hosting sites:


Select any of the above-mentioned free web hosting sites and get your website hosted today. Reach out to your targeted traffic and make your website become viral without any investment on web hosting.

If you have used any other free web hosting with no ads then let us know in the comment box. And also don’t forget to share free web hosting list with your friends.

Top 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphone

Are you looking for best antivirus and security app for Android mobile? Then you are at the right place. Security of any device is just to keep our information confidential. In laptop or PC, people install an antivirus to keep their information away from Virus and malware. Similarly, in mobile also we require some protecting App or security App. Our Android mobiles are getting more secure with every new release of its operating system. Today, you will get some information about best antivirus app for android.

Antivirus is very important for our android mobile because it always scan our file while surfing internet. For android mobiles, there is lot of Antivirus or security App. We have to select any one of the following antivirus app for android mobile. Before that, try to get complete information about Antivirus which you are going to install in your Android mobile.

Best Antivirus Apps for Android

Below are best malware, junk and virus cleaner – Antivirus app. You must download one of them and be safe from virus.

360 Security Antivirus App is almost installed in most of the android mobiles and people are using it without any problem. It is freely available in Google play store. That’s why Android user installs it easily but another important reason for its popularity is that this App automatically scans our Android Smartphone. According to me, 360 Security App is at the top position in Top 5 best antivirus app for android. This 360 security App is having a lot of features like it can scan our Apps and games, enable real-time protection, anti-theft feature many more.

This an another Security App after 360 security App. This app is giving strong competition to 360 Security. CM Security is having great rating on Google Play store i.e. 4.7 out of 5. This App is also including App lock facility so that we can lock our private file and information. Due to this features, people are installing CM Security App, it saves a lot of memory storage because we need not install separate folder lock App. So you can also install this app if you want to lock your files along with their security. But before installing any app, first, try to read reviews given by users to that app so that you can understand its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the Most powerful Antivirus for laptop or PC. I think Kaspersky Internet Security App is also helpful for Android mobile but it is only for those users who are having secret files in their mobile and are capable to pay some money to protect them from the virus. So you can also install this Antivirus App on your android mobile so that you can protect your data. Those android mobiles who are having Android 2.2 or more, they can easily install this App on their mobile and can enjoy a complete data protection.

Avast antivirus is very much famous for laptop and PC but it is not that much famous for Android mobile because it is a paid antivirus and android users always prefer free app instead of paid app. But still there are a lot of users who can pay for their data protection, they can buy it and can install it. Those people who are using Avast antivirus App, they have given positive reviews and rating about it. So if you are capable to pay for security then it is another option for you.

McAfee Security App is also a powerful antivirus for Android mobile. Users have given good reviews and rating to this antivirus. It is available free as well as paid but there is the small difference in features of free App and Paid app. But for our data protection, always go for paid security apps. Its app is having the ability to unlock app by fingerprints also. It is a great feature in it for the young generation. Recently, McAfee antivirus added another feature i.e. power booster. Initially, you will find that this feature is useless but for security reason it one of the most important features in it. You can also go for McAfee security App for Android mobile.


These are mostly used junk cleaner and virus remover app. Let’s try to above security appin your smartphone and boost your mobile performance and internet speed. If you are using any other app or any suggestion regarding Antivirus app then let us in the comment section. And also don’t forget share antivirus app list with your friends on social media.

Top 5 Best Web Browser App for Android Smartphone User

In laptop , we need Android web browser to run the internet. Similarly, in Android mobiles also, web browser apps are very important. By default, web browser app is not that much good so that we can feel comfortable on them. Even default browsers do not have good user-friendly features. Now a day, the Internet has become part of our lives and tries to find out everything on it. So to search something we need high quality best Web Browser for Android mobile.

There is a lot of Browsers available on Google play store for Android Mobile. But only a few of them are good for us. Now I think a question is coming in your mind that if all browsers are used for same work then only a few of them are good. Then my dear friends, in this article we will tell you, how browsers become good or bad? How to select good browsers for our Android Mobile? Today, you will get answers to these questions.


Fastest Android Web Browser

Below is the best internet browser. The main fact is all are the free web browser in Google Play store. So why wait, Let’s try internet browser on your smartphone instead of default Android browser.

mCent Browser App-Refer & Earn Unlimited Mobile Recharge ( only browser with rewards )

What is Mcent Browser?

mCent Browser is an Android app that gives you free recharge for browsing your favorite websites. Use mCent Browser the same way you would any other browser, only mCent Browser will give you points for browsing daily that you can recharge at your convenience.

Now in Early Access, you can be the first to receive free recharge automatically each day you surf the net, stream songs, or watch videos.

How to Earn Unlimited Recharge from Mcent Browser?

1. Firstly Download Mcent Browser App by Clicking Hear

2. Now open the app and create Your account.

3. Now Just Select your language and Enter your Unused Mobile number and click Next

4. Enter the OTP and Confirm

5. Now you have logged in and as a Bonus, you can collect around 325 points + when you visit daily also you will get around 50 points as Daily Reward

6. Whenever you get 1000 points you can add it to your account.

7. Once you add the points to your account you can recharge your phone using the points.

8. So, Start Referring friends to mcent and on each refer you will be getting 9000 points that is worth Rs.9


  1. Autofill forms: Complete annoying online forms quickly and easily
    Private browsing setting: Use this setting so your browsing history and cookies aren’t saved
  2. Download manager: Downloads are saved immediately, easy to find, and will resume if interrupted
  3. Smart, personalized search: Results instantly appear as you type based on previous searches and websites visited
  4. Home screen shortcuts: Quickly access your favorite sites, social networks, news, and shopping with one tap!
  5. Videos: Watch full-screen videos
  6. Bookmarks: Bookmark your favorite websites for later access and fast browsing.
  7. History: Easily access all previously visited websites. Remove individual websites or clear all
  8. Language support: mCent Browser supports both English and हिन्दी
    Tabbed browsing: Have multiple web pages open at one time and easily switch between tabs

#1. Chrome

Chrome Browser App

Chrome browser just replaces the Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and give a new direction to users. It is developed by the Microsoft and it is designed to provide easiness, comfort with a lot of features. It is available for almost every type of mobile or laptops as a free browser. You can install Chrome Browser in your Android mobiles and can enjoy a new world of Web. As it free to download or install is one of the major reason for its popularity. I think in every Android mobile, you will find this free Browser.

Click here to download Chrome browser


#2. UC Browser

UC browser is more comfortable in Android mobiles as compare to Laptop or PC. It has taken a unique position in Google Play Store as a free browser app. If you want to use Facebook in this browser then there is a Facebook Mode which saves a lot of your data net pack. This is a reason that peoples are enjoying UC browser in Android mobile. This is free to install in Android mobile and having 4.7 rating out of 5. An important quality of this browser is that we can turn off the images and can easily increase the browsing speed of our mobile.

Click here to download UC browser


#3. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browsers may be a new for you but it is also a good browser for Android Mobile. It Browser has a lot of features like ad-block, theming, incognito mode, flash support and some other features like gesture controls. These are the few features due to which Dolphin Browser is getting a lot of success in Android market. You can also install this Dolphin Browser in your Android mobile and can enjoy a new way to surf the internet. It is small in size and provides fast loading speed and HTML 5 video player.

Click here to download Dolphin browser 


#4. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a light weight fast uploading Android web browser. It is known because it takes less data while surfing the internet in mobile. Recently, designers have been updated lot of features in it and now it is more user-friendly. It can easily sync our bookmarks but still, there is a lot of things to do for us. By simply tilting our mobile, it can easily provide the full screen to us so that we can easily browse the internet on the full screen of our mobile. It can provide a direct link to cricket news. It means that we can directly access to cricket world and it helps us to save our data pack.Click here to download OperaMini browser


#5. Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker

Brave Browser is a new browser but having qualities to get top position in top 5 browsers for Android mobile. Brava Browser provides all those features which other browsers have. It is an open source browser and it is created by the co-founder of Mozilla Company. This browser maintains the privacy of the user and keeps their information under security. Like other browsers, it is also free to download in Android mobile. It easily speeds up web browser page loading speed. It is having same features to block ads while surfing the internet. After having look on its features, we can say that this Brave Browser can be a good browser for Android mobile. So at least install it in your Android mobile and share your views on this browser.

Click here to download Brave browser app





So these were mostly used internet browser in the world. I usually use Chrome & UC browser on my phone. Well, I would like to know which is your favorite web browser, Let us know in the comment section. And also don’t forget to share this list with your friends.

Top 5 Ways to Earn FREE Google Play Credit (By Android App)

Hey, Do you play Games and Applications on your Android phone? If yes! then tell me what is the price of Game & apps you use on your smartphone. FREE! Now it’s time to get paid android apps and games from Google Play Store for free. I think you know very well about Google play store.

It is one of the biggest source of Apps and games either free of charge or at a cost. Well, Today I will tell you how to get FREE google play credit to get applications without playing anything to Google. Google play credit is the only way to get paid apps free. In this article, I will show you where to get free google play redeem code to get free google play credit.

If you are still reading this means you are interested to know “how to earn google play credit”. Here I will tell you five apps that will provide you Google play gift card and then you have to redeem that gift card code to your Google play and you’re earning to credited to google play.

Apps to Earn Free Google Play Credit

Here are five apps to earn Google play credit to get paid apps totally free. Not only Google Credit but also you can earn money from below app and send money to your bank. So let’s use apps and do some task to earn free google play credit.

Google Option Rewards is a part of Google where people earn Google Play credit by simply giving answer to the easy question. It is totally as like Short surveys and every survey can pay you 1$ free in your Google Play credit.

Follow below process to get started with Google Option Rewards :

  • Install Google Option Rewards from Google Play Store
  • Open Google Option Rewards app
  • Scroll and read How to complete survey question to earn Google Play credit for buying free apps, games and much more
  • Then it will ask you almost 9 Question about yourself.
  • Fill your answer carefully. It’s the main purpose is to know about your interest that they will provide your interest related surveys. The question will be like What is your gender, Age, Postal code, Language etc.

It will take some time to get approval in Google Option Reward. So be patient. If you got approved then you will be able to see Google Play credit & Reward history option.

Tab cash reward app is another best app to make money and get free google play gift card as like Google Option Rewards. Just simply install apps & games, watch videos from their list and get free gift cards to redeem in Google Play Credit. Tab Cash Rewards provides redeem gift cards for Amazon, PayPal, and other 15 gift card options available including google play gift card.

AppNana is Free Google Play gift card rewarding app.Here you can easily earn by installing apps and you can redeem that earning with any of the gift cards including google play gift card. Just install AppNana on your android smartphone. And register your self there. Now you have to download free apps from Offers section to earn Nanas Points and then convert Nanas points to Google Play Gift card. Do you know? It claims that you can earn 400 points daily. If you invite your friends to this app then you can earn more points.

AppKarma Rewards App is another best app to earn daily rewards and gift cards of Google play, PayPal, Amazon.com, iTunes, Playstation, Facebook, Steam and much more. So, If you are thinking to get gift card totally free then you must think to use this app. This app is also same as above two apps. Here is also you have to install apps and open that app and use that app daily to earn AppKarma Rewards & Free gift cards.

If you are still not satisfied with above free gift card providers then you give a try to Cash Gift. It is also very popular App and is downloaded by 1+ million users. You should know that this app team claims that Their app users redeemed 1000k$ money through Gift cards. Just complete some easy tasks and get Amazon, Paypal & Google plays gift cards for free. If you earn 10$ or 25$ then you are allowed to redeem with Google Play gift card.


I hope you got your answer of How to get Google Play credit without investing a single penny. So now you learned the ways to earn google play credit. If you know any other app that pays the good amount as similar to Google Option Rewards and other free Gift card provider then let us know in comment section. And don’t forget to share this with your friends.